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The tragic life of Michael Jackson

A followup to the article “American Justice for Michael Jackson,” which was aired on the 15th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s acquittal in a court of law. 

June 25 marks a date that was, inevitably, much less important for Michael Jackson than it is for us. June 25 marks the day Michael Jackson died. In death, he’s gained the right not to care.

What has he lost? His voice. That beautiful, iconic voice.

What have we gained? Or, rather, what’s been foisted upon us? The baggage.

The baggage: the weight of one court case, five alleged victims, one documentary. In “American Justice for Michael Jackson,” I touched briefly on Leaving Neverland. You may recall I asked you to watch it.

I didn’t ask you to watch it because I think it’s a good documentary. But I do think it’s worth watching. It’s worth watching as a testament to our times, when a documentary that deals with a very serious matter handles that matter in a very haphazard, completely lollygag way. Lollygag equals idle. Lollygag equals aimless… Continue reading.

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In early 2020, I reassessed the purpose and goals of what was then Laura Schmidt Books. I realized that by focusing on only books and writing — with the purpose of attracting an agent for my work — I had been blogging aimlessly and neglecting others of my passions, which are many!

Above all, I love to learn and explore. I strongly believe that there are people like me out there. By creating Voyage of the Mind, I set out on a mission to find them and gather them in one place, where we can further our vision and work towards a better tomorrow.

About Voyage of the Mind, I love to say that there’s something here for everyone. And it’s the truth. If you’re human, there’s a place for you here at Voyage of the Mind. You belong. We’re all misfits in our own ways. 

Dreams come first where I come from. — Laura Schmidt


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