Welcome, traveler! I’m Laura, and I’m pleased to be your guide through our shared Voyage of the Mind. 

If you want to learn more about me, hop on over to the About/Contact page, where there’s some superficial information about myself, links to the few social media accounts I maintain (or attempt to maintain), and a few non-entities — for example, my nonexistent qualifications! (Qualifications are for dummies.) (Just kidding.) 

If you like my humor, I’m glad we’ve met! (If you don’t like my humor, or don’t get it, I’m also glad we’ve met!) I am a user of parentheses and em-dashes galore, by the way. You will learn a lot more about me by reading my content… blah, blah, shameless plug. Here are a few of my favorite picks, which should also give you an idea about the diversity of the material I cover here.

Besides these posts, you can find a host of others on the Blog page. New posts appear with some regularity, usually once or twice a week but sometimes in occasional bursts of activity!

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