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Heart and Sole:

a new fitness and lifestyle-centric category from your guide Laura, coming soon.

On the back of a fitness journey that’s changed the trajectory of my life and health for the better, I’m launching a new category: Heart and Sole. My mission is to cover physical fitness, lifestyle, and mental health topics — all in the same breath, because these areas are inextricably connected!

A little bit about me and what brought me here. I was once a super-fit high school athlete, but struggled to manage my weight throughout my initial years in college. October of 2020 found me staring down the scale at my highest adult weight. After ding-donging back and forth for years, I decided to make a change and commit myself not only to weight loss, but to developing a set of healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices that would help me live my life well. Five months later, I settled on the idea of this category as a means of reaffirming my commitment to my health and wellbeing, and to share what I’ve learned with you.

So whether you too are looking to reaffirm a commitment of your own, seeking inspiration in starting your own wellness journey, or interested in learning more about where I am and how I got there, Heart and Sole will be a place for you to grow and explore. Follow me, and we’ll get this category up and running together. Feel free to suggest topics of interest using our contact page, or read a little about how my fitness journey began in this post about New Year’s resolutions. And look out for articles in the Heart and Sole category! Once we get off the ground, I’ll be posting weekly. Looking forward to continuing the journey with you. 

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About Voyage of the Mind



In early 2020, I reassessed the purpose and goals of what was then Laura Schmidt Books. I realized that by focusing on only books and writing — with the purpose of attracting an agent for my work — I had been blogging aimlessly and neglecting others of my passions, which are many!

Above all, I love to learn and explore. I strongly believe that there are people like me out there. By creating Voyage of the Mind, I set out on a mission to find them and gather them in one place, where we can further our vision and work towards a better tomorrow.

About Voyage of the Mind, I love to say that there’s something here for everyone. And it’s the truth. If you’re human, there’s a place for you here at Voyage of the Mind. You belong. We’re all misfits in our own ways. 

Dreams come first where I come from. — Laura Schmidt


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