What is this all about?

Who am I? 

I am Laura Schmidt, creator of the website you are now exploring. I am also a writer, extremely amateur photographer and video-maker, occasional artist, and currently a college student at Tufts University, going into my senior year with a major in history and a minor in mathematics.

I am a true polymath! For those who don’t know, a polymath is a person with knowledge spanning a large number of subjects — in practicality, a person with interests in a large number of fields. I enjoy discussing any and all topics that deserve artistic, cultural, and intellectual attention, and that’s what I seek to do here on Voyage of the Mind. 

A few more things about me: I am half-Asian (Korean on my mother’s side and mixed European on my father’s), the oldest of four siblings, bisexual, and an ENTP, for those who truck in MBTI personality types. I grew up with cats (shoutout to Sabine, Frances, Zoe, and Lucy), but my boyfriend and I have a dog named Octavia, nicknamed Tavia or Octaviana Rex. I have loved animals forever. Among my other great loves are classical history (especially Alexander the Great), food and cooking, music, and board games.

I also have a history of mild mental health ailments. Overcoming these challenges and continuing the fight against them have made me stronger, and I’m hoping to share some of the wisdom I’ve learned along the way. It is always better to stay strong and keep fighting the good fight!

What is this all about?

I’m pretty sure that there are people out there like me — kindred spirits, you might call them — and I’ve created Voyage of the Mind to find out. This is a place where adventurous souls and lifelong learners can explore topics of interest and find out new things. This is a place where we connect ideas that you’d never believe were connected. This is a place where we learn more about the world and more about ourselves, all in the hope of a better tomorrow. We might have to throw in some cynicism along the way, but we’ll get there eventually.

With all that being said, I am always looking for input from you, dear reader, whether that be a short line about who you are and what you’re about, whether it be the best story you’ve ever heard, ever lived through, or ever told, whether it be the topic of interest closest to your heart, or something you’d like to see discussed here on Voyage of the Mind. For any of that, use the form below.

You are also free to pitch me a guest post on a topic you know a lot about, especially if it’s something completely out of left field that you think I know nothing about! You are welcome to submit books or movies for review, poems for analysis, beautiful art pieces (or particularly ugly ones), or any other media that strikes your fancy that you think I should see/read/inhale. You can also use the form below for any of the above.

Or, if your message will include anything you can’t send through the form, feel free to email me at lauraschmidt.writer@gmail.com. Please put the phrase COMMENT-VOYAGE OF THE MIND in your subject line, and I will get back to you as soon as possible! I am always eagerly awaiting new thoughts and ideas.