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I’ve had questions in the past about what sorts of tools I use to create some of the content you see on the blog, on Twitter, on Instagram and so on. So, for the record, some of the applications I use the most are listed here along with their purpose. Some of the links are referral links from which we will both benefit; if you’re not a fan of that type of thing, feel free to simply Google the application and I’m sure it’ll pop right up.

Since I like finding great new applications, this list will be added to as time goes on.



I use Unsplash for virtually all of the photographs featured on the blog, except for some that I take myself. (The ones I take myself are usually in photo posts like this one.) Usually, I remember to credit the creator of the photo in the photo caption, but sometimes I forget. Take this as my due diligence!

Jokes aside, Unsplash is an excellent resource for anyone who needs free, high-quality photographs for a blog, a Twitter account, etc., etc. I highly recommend that you check it out — I’ve found some super amazing images and sometimes just spend time looking through all the beautiful photos the site has to offer. Unsplash also has a great mission — read their “Manifesto” page for more information.



Canva is another excellent resource that I often make use of, particularly in creating graphics, Instagram posts, and (my personal favorite) book covers. But you can use Canva to create a lot more than that — virtually any print-based media, in fact. The free version, which I use, has a tremendous amount of power, and I bet that it’s all the more with the paid version. I may someday give into my urge and invest in it.


This site, VectorStock, is a source of millions of vector images, which are useful in the creation of website icons, logos, and other graphics of that nature. Many of the vector images cost money, but they’re pretty reasonably priced in my opinion, especially if you buy a pack of 50 or so credits in bulk and spend them as the need arises.

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