Hi all. I’ve been a little bit up and down and all around since I wrote here last, as some of you may have imagined. But I’m doing all right. Nothing terrible has happened. I still can’t seem to get up the will to get active on Twitter again, but c’est la vie. Work has been very busy for me over the past few months, in part because… Dylan and our corgi Octavia and I are going to be moving into an apartment of our very own in July, and we’ve been padding our savings in preparation. I’m seriously excited. So some good news on that front!

I’ve also been writing, though not here. I’ve decided to focus on fiction again for a while. In some ways, perhaps it was inevitable that the day would come that I would. After the trial and tribulation of trying and failing to get an agent for As in a Mirror (wow, that was a long time ago), this blog became a place of comfort and validation for me. And I’m glad it was there and that it will continue to be there as I move into the future. But the time has come for me to put my mind back to something I’ve always wanted to do: traditionally publish a novel. I’m working on it and will keep working on it, long and hard, until I accomplish the task.

In the meantime, I’m not giving up on Voyage of the Mind ā€” I promise. At the very least, this place will remain how it is now, an archive of dreams, poems, thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and more. I think it’s beautiful just the way it is, and I’m sure that it will only become more so if I find ways to add to it in the future. Hopefully, I have a long and fruitful life ahead of me.

To give you an idea about something that MAY happen (no promises), Dylan and I are contemplating starting up a new YouTube channel on which we would mostly vlog about our 20-something lives. I would be covering a lot about writing, cooking (one of my biggest passions these days), and fitness-related stuff. Yeah, that’s right, I’m on my way to becoming a “fitness guru.” Not really, but I am pleased to report I’m only 10 lbs away from a weight that I think will be very, very ideal for me. (You can read a little more about how I started that journey in my notes on New Year’s resolutions.) Anyway, these are all topics I hope to discuss someday either here or elsewhere.

Until then, dear reader, I hope you’ll view this as a turning of another page of life. A step on the road. A waypoint to give you pause, and to make you look back and smile at all the places you’ve been before turning ahead to smile at all the places that lie ahead. Our lives are infinitesimally tiny. So bathe every second in gold. I intend to do so, while chasing dreams, both my own and those I share with others. I hope you’ll do the same. And I’m sure we’ll meet again, somewhere down this dusty road. Until then, I hope you’ll stay well.

With love,
Your guide Laura

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