You are the one who taught me
that love does not always fly away
on invisible wings
as soon as it becomes
a tangible fact in life.

I’ve promised you
we’ll have a white baby grand
someday. I’ve promised you
everything. I’ve promised you
the sky.

But I am not the steady one,
love, that’s you. Me,
the ground is more apt
to tremble beneath my feet,
the world to fall apart
before my eyes,
the sky to shake,
the trees to reel.

I trust one thing:
Everything will keep spinning
around you, you, you.

One night I thought I touched
the faith I’ve tried to find
in jumbled-up beatitudes
that don’t rhyme. In them
I discerned the meaning of it all,
but I knew nothing,
nothing at all.

You who are meek,
love will make you proud.
You who are poor in spirit,
love will make you rich.
You who are forsaken,
love will be your comfort in the night.
You who are wandering,
love will lead you home.

You are the faith
and you are the word,
the one I have searched for
and will search for
and am still searching for
even as I dance in your arms.
No one told me deliverance
would be a slow slide,
but now I know. And once
I wondered if it would be worthwhile.

But now I have known moments,
moments lying awake,
when you let out a soft breath,
a quiet sostenuto of breath,
your hair, as if seaweed intwined,
spilling across the pillows,
and seen the flame
burning behind your eyes,
across the dark sky of your psyche,
constellated like the stars,
moments that tell me:
oh, wondrous thing,
you, you, you
have too much strength.

Notes on “You Are The One”

I initially intended to title this poem “You,” but noticed as I was about to do so that the opening line includes one of those cheesy little sayings people love so much: “You are the one.” Hence the title! The poem itself has actually been burgled out of a piece of flash fiction I wrote a while ago (almost a prose poem, really, so it makes some sense). I might do a rewrite of this poem in the future to smooth it out.

I don’t know if I believe in the whole thing surrounding “the one” — I’m a bit more inclined to think that love is more flexible than that — but I think that as long as you persevere in a relationship and work with your partner to defeat challenges, they will become “the one” for you, and you will become “the one” for them. I’ve yet to see it turn out differently in my experiences and in watching other people’s relationships. Tenacity counts for a lot in love, believe it or not.

Funny side note. As of right now, February 14, 2021, I’m not yet engaged. But the engagement ring is purchased. Only problem is… we bought it using the ring size from my promise ring, and since I’ve been losing weight, the promise ring is getting looser and looser by the day. In fact, if not for its particular design, it would be falling off by now. So before the proposal and engagement can really happen, we’re going to have to get both rings resized. I don’t want to do that till I lose all the weight I’m going to lose (I have about 20ish more pounds till I get to my goal), so essentially I’m not expecting to be engaged until I hit my weight loss goal. LOL. If people notice the timing, they might think poor Dylan (@vanhelsquirrel) is a bit on the shallow side. I’ll just have to tell them the whole story! And if you’re reading this in the future, I may well be engaged to… let’s just say it… the proverbial “one.” 😊 Love you, Dylan!

Anyways, back to business. I hope you enjoyed this poem! It’s the last in my “14 Poems of Love” project; if you missed them, you can find the others here. Feel free to let me know in the comments what you think of this poem or the whole undertaking in general, or talk to me about anything. Thank you so much for reading and supporting Voyage of the Mind — it means the world to me. If you particularly liked this poem, feel free to pass it along…

Photos for this post were sourced from Unsplash, and designs were created using Canva. Thank you again for reading, and have a lovely Valentine’s Day 2021! Until next time.

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