Though I say nothing,
tell me you know,
that your world shrinks,
or perhaps explodes,
with a single glance
or a single uttered word
or a single mingled breath.

Tell I could stop you in your tracks
better yet,
stop your heart on a dime.

Though I say nothing,
I hope in your world
I’m a bombshell,
the ball of butterflies
in your stomach
waiting to implode.
Your undoing
and your everything.

Though I say nothing,
my love, I hope that you know
that we may never be more
to each other than what we are now,
in the silence
before the fall.

Notes on “Though I Say Nothing”

This poem was inspired by love before love, as in the rush of initial attraction before words are spoken. In other words, it’s a poem about a crush! Although true, deeper love is much better, the feeling of having a crush — especially when you’re young and inexperienced in love — is a magical feeling, though deeply uncomfortable at the same time. I’ve tried to capture that in this poem. I hope it makes you think of a time, perhaps when you were young, when you had such a big crush on someone that their every move and every word set off a flurry of butterflies in your stomach and made you feel like you were melting. If you’re in pursuit of love this February, instead of in an established relationship, this is definitely the poem for you.

I like the implication in the last stanza that the love between the two people in the poem is going to be redeemed and turn into something hopefully larger and deeper. Though I do think that the insight is valid. After all, in the opening stages of love, two people know nothing about each other, so they’re almost perfect in each other’s eyes. It’s only as they continue to grow and develop together that they learn each other’s shortcomings, failings, and watch each other make mistakes.

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to let me know what you thought about this poem in the comments, or chat to me about anything. For more information on my 14 Poems of Love project, check out the introduction. There, you’ll also find links to all of the previous poems of love.

Photos for this post were sourced from Unsplash, and designs were created on Canva.

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