And I will not mind if you do.
A chest of silver and gold, a glut
of bronze and rosewood,
offerings of frankincense and myrrh
fit for kings.

And I will not mind if you used me
and made my soul like the emptied hull
of a treasure vessel that carried you
past the horizon to the open sea.

Even if you plunder my depths
and take all that I own
and all that I am
I will not mind. I will love you
all the more.

Divide me up like loot, my love,
and do what you want with me.
I will not mind if you do.

Notes on “Divide Me Up Like Loot”

It’s debatable whether the relationship portrayed in this poem is healthy or not, so feel free to question. It’s not inspired by personal experience, anyways, just by the concept in the title line — “Divide me up like loot.” This struck me as interesting and it also created a number of interesting images in my head, many of which I’ve used in the poem. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the poem and that it made you feel something! Let me know what you think in the comments, or talk to me about anything. How’s February treating you? Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?

For more info on my 14 Poems of Love project, check out the intro.

Images for this post were sourced from Unsplash, and designs were created on Canva.

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