When the wind pressed long and low
against the lighted window,
and firelight gave way to jilted darkness,
you came to me with embers in your eyes
and sparks in your hands
and I begged you, love —
tell me, tell.

Tell me what we have, what you know.
Keep me up all night telling me what you feel now
and what you have felt all your life.
Tell me whether you feel what I feel,
that we have walked the same paths
even before we knew this love, love,
that some force tied us together
before the universe drew its first breath,
that this is a love that transcends time
and the space in between. Tell me
everything, every little thing about you.
Make me feel as though I have walked in your shoes
and seen you grow, though I’ll never know for certain
that I hadn’t known those hazel eyes
long before they opened.

So tell me, love, did you know me?
Did you know mine? Tell me, love,

Notes on “Did You Know Me?”

I’ve always been curious about the concept of destiny and “soulmates,” from an intellectual standpoint at least. I’ve also been struck at various times in my life by the number of strange coincidences I seem to bump into. For instance, I was very startled to find out that my family, while driving from Boston to New Jersey, stops at the same deli that my current boyfriend’s family stops at while driving from Boston to Pennsylvania. Though I wouldn’t have known, I might have seen him there years ago!

I’ve tried to have this poem explore the rush of true love, especially in its opening stages. Let me know what you think in the comments, or chat to me about anything! I’d love to hear your strange life coincidences.

For more love poetry of mine that’s true to my life, try my poem “Dill Weed Dreaming.”

Photos were sourced from Unsplash, and designs were created on Canva.

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