If I were the sea
I’d press you long and loud
and carry you along my shores
and buffet you to and fro
between my tossing currents
and the isles dotting
my treacherous wastes.

If I were a forest
I’d contain you between my pines
and leaning aspen slopes,
within my vales and
within my hidden meadows
I’d reveal to you
the heights of pleasure.

If I were a mountain
you’d revel in my rounded edges
and jagged stones
and slumber in my caves
and struggle up my cliffs
and chase goats in my valleys.

But I fear
my love
that I am not the sea,
nor a forest,
nor yet a steady hill
that rising finds ascendant peaks
cloaked in pine and cresting snow.
I am only one and
you are all I have.
You too are only one.
Am I all you have,
love? Tell me, love.

Notes on “If I Were the Sea”

I’m a big fan of pairing images inspired by the natural world with the traditional poetic trappings of love. (Check out my poem “Ocean Love” for another example, if you’re also a fan!) Maybe it’s because the natural world and the world of love somehow fit together in my eyes. I hope you enjoyed this poem — let me know what you thought in the comments, or chat with me about anything. If you’re interested in more info on my 14 Poems of Love project, check out the introduction.

Photos were sourced from Unsplash, and designs were created on Canva.

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