Hey love —
put your arms around me and
let’s hold ourselves together.

Hey love —
take a moment to ascertain
the nature of a touch,
your hand in mine.

Hey love —
slow down and take a breath because
I’m afraid if the world spins too fast
we’ll lose it and
we’ll lose ourselves.

Hey love —
take a second and say my name,
speak to me long and slow
while the winter wind
blows the crumpled leaves of autumn
across the cement.

Hey love —
hold my hand and
be my friend and
while the world spins around us
put your arms around me and
let’s hold ourselves together. It’s
not over yet. It’s

not over yet.

Notes on “Holding Ourselves Together”

A lot of my poems come out lyrical, and for the third entry in my 14 poems of love, I wanted to go for a poem that almost sings itself off the page! I hope you’ve enjoyed “Holding Ourselves Together” — let me know what you think in the comments, or talk to me about anything. How’s February treating you so far? Have you written any love poems that you’d love me to read? Feel free to link them in the comments.

For more info on my “14 Poems of Love” February 2021 project, check out the intro. If you’re looking to read another lyrical poem, here are two for you to try — “Song for the Gallows” and “O Drums.” As always, thank you so much for reading!

Photos were sourced from Unsplash, as usual, and designs were created on Canva.

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