I think, if we enjoyed
daytime conversations and
pillow talk and
bottles of red and
candlelit dinners
(these things that lovers do),
I could convince you
to love me.

I think, if you came to know
the inner machinations
of a beautiful mind and
came to imagine
what lay before and behind,
I could make you

I think, if only with a single word,
I might convince you
to love me,
my love,
my love.

Notes on “I Could Convince You to Love Me”

In this poem, I wanted to bring a modern twist to some of the general themes of Pablo Neruda’s “Love Poems.” (If you haven’t read any of them, now’s the time to start!) Overall, these poems are wistful and yearning and full of descriptions of the heartache that accompanies unrequited love. I’ll probably analyze one or two here on the blog at some point, perhaps with a side-by-side comparison of the English and Spanish versions. They translate very well, though of course they’re best in Pablo Neruda’s native tongue.

I hope you enjoyed this poem. Let me know what you think in the comments, or drop me a line about anything. If you’re looking for something more to read, check out my poem “I Do Not Know” for more Pablo Neruda inspired love poetry. For more info about my “14 Poems of Love” project, check out the introduction! And as always, thanks so much for reading on Voyage of the Mind. You can also…

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