Welcome (or welcome back!) to Voyage of the Mind. For February 2021, I’ve embarked on a project that I’m excited to share with you: 14 poems of love.

Now, sure, Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, but its presence mid-month makes February the month of love. And if you’re going to celebrate love big and small one day of the year, why not February 14?

Of course, I’d rather celebrate love many times throughout the year, but in my opinion it is nice to have a recognized holiday devoted to amore.

All that being said, I love love poems, as longtime readers probably know, and so I’m taking the opportunity to share 14 with you, one for each of the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. No promises that they’re all happy Hallmark-y poems, though! You might sense some Pablo Neruda influence in a few of them.

Feel free to share any or all of them with family, friends, and other loved ones, so we can all bask in the glow of love, requited and unrequited alike. If you want to reprint them or use them for any purpose, please get in contact with me first. I’ll link the poems here as they appear, so if you’re reading this from some distant or not so distant future, here are 14 poems of love for you to enjoy! If you’re reading this in the here and now, here are some older love poems from the blog to tide you over before February 2021 begins. Happy loving, everyone!

3 older “poems of love” in no particular order…

Sonnet IV — “Summer Love”

“I Do Not Know”

“The Christmas Cactus Blooms”

14 Poems of Love…

No. 1 / In the Morning

No. 2 / I Could Convince You to Love Me

No. 3 / Holding Ourselves Together

No. 4 / Better on Paper

No. 5 / If I Were the Sea

No. 6 / Divorce From Reality

No. 7 / Did You Know Me?

No. 8 / If I Love

No. 9 / Like the Birds in Early February

No. 10 / Divide Me Up Like Loot

No. 11 / As She Went

No. 12 / This Is Not A Choice

No. 13 / Though I Say Nothing

No. 14 / You Are The One

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