do you think

do you think she’s
a piece of art, hanging
in the gallery
of your dreams?
as breakable
as glass?

tell me,
what am I missing?
is it something
in the curve of her hips
or the curve of mine
or in the sway
in her step
or in the sway of mine?

do you think she’s
a fountain of youth,
do you think she’s
going to
rejuvenate you?
a font of desire, born
to fit against you?

in those emails
when you called her
last light,
what did you mean?
what were you thinking?

and if I wasn’t
sun and moon
and stars for you
every step through,
what am I to you?

tell me,
what am I missing?
go ahead, try
and say it’s
something she
wedged between
you and me.
but I know the truth,
baby. baby, it’s
all on you. It’s
all on you.

“do you think” — Poet’s Notes

A darker number for you today. I’ve also tried some funky things with spacing and capitalization on the page. I almost imagined that the speaker might have texted this poem to their unfaithful partner. Whatever the case, the format I chose piqued my interest and I hope it’s piqued yours!

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