Since I’ve been gone awhile, but am now beginning to ramp things back up here on the blog, I wanted to take the time to give you some updates on the blog and on my life. Because I love talking about myself!

Just kidding.

Long story short, I had a low couple of months during which my motivation tanked… here on the blog, and elsewhere in my life. I’m no stranger to highs and lows, having battled depression in the past. Thankfully, I’m finding my feet again post-election season. It kind of sucks that this had to happen during the gap year I took to focus on writing and getting my life sorted out, but I’ve reached a point where I know that I cycle through mini-depressive and hypo-manic episodes several times a year, so it’s all somewhat expected.

The good news about my depressive episodes now (if such a thing exists)? I’m not suicidal to the extent I was in younger years, I still take some steps to ensure I get proper self-care, and I still have enough energy to maintain a job and friendships. Plus, I have an action plan in place in case things ever get out of control.

It’s always been a major goal of mine to remain as candid as I deem possible here on the blog, and I’ll probably be talking more about mental health in the months to come. But, in better news, my boyfriend Dylan and I are currently hunting for an apartment, which means that we (plus our corgi Octavia) may soon be living on our own! I’ve always wanted to move out and become more independent, so I’m thrilled that this may be finally panning out for us.

Dylan is currently in school studying game design in an online program, and it’s been really amazing for me to watch him enjoying his college experience. Because he’s the first person I’ve known who actually seems to be enjoying himself! Ouch. I’ll probably be aiming to finish up my degree at Tufts in just one semester when I head back in the fall, because I am totally through with school.

I’m not sure what I’ll do after. My guess is that I’ll work part-time jobs like the one I have now and supplement with online work while working on my writing and the blog. I’ll count myself really lucky if someday I can derive the majority of my income from self-employment. I’ve always had a hard time working in a regimented setting like an office, and I know that this is an unfortunate thing in our modern society. But I’d rather live a poor, honest, and fulfilling life than one that makes me want to bite my own head off.

Anyway, half of this is just helping myself get my thoughts sorted out on the matter, so I hope you don’t mind my ramblings! I’ll probably be talking more about my life moving forward, since I’m finally becoming some kind of an adult and interesting things might happen. In the meantime… I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life! Drop me a line in the comments, say hi, catch up… Let me know what you’d like to see on Voyage of the Mind in the next weeks and months. As always, I’m open to everything. Until next time!

My favorite holiday’s coming up! Yummy food, on the way…
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