Hi all! Happy Halloween, to those who celebrate it, and happy almost-November to everyone. I’m glad to say that my hiatus has been treating me well, and that I’m going to be ramping up activity here on Voyage of the Mind (slowly) over the next month. 

What that will look like: Occasional poems, occasional excerpts from my current WIP City of Gold, and occasional rants (I’m sure). For a little while, at least, I’ll be staying away from the political, and the next month’s lineup of posts will lean toward the unstructured side of things as I try to plot the right direction for myself and for Voyage of the Mind. 

I want to thank you so much for your continued support and readership, and I hope I can continue bringing a bit of light to you and everyone else who chances upon my words. I’m especially grateful for you as I come back from hiatus and continue through a pretty tough time for me, personally. With all that being said, I hope we can look forward to a productive November together! 

Did you know that there’s a blue moon tonight? On Halloween! Creepy. If you’re looking for a poem with Edgar Allan Poe vibes for the occasion, check out my work “The Moon.” And stay tuned for more on Voyage of the Mind!

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