A very short post with two important pieces of information…

Number one, the second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day (theme: metamorphosis) is ongoing! The entry window will close tomorrow night, midnight, so get your entries in before then. You can find out more details and link your poems in the comments of THIS POST.

Number two, as promised, my short story and poetry collection Metamorphosis (yes, intentionally corresponding to the Poetry Day theme) has just gone live on Amazon. You can check it out via this link here. It’ll be $0.99 for a month, and then I may or may not raise the price, so grab your copy ASAP! No pressure, though you would have my heartfelt and lifelong appreciation. This is my very first publication, and I’d love your help making it a fabulous experience. I’m also really happy to share my words. There are some stories and poems in there that I think express some deep meanings about the world.

Thank you, as always, for reading and for supporting me and Voyage of the Mind. You truly give me wings. Signing out for now! Make sure you pop over to check out the entries into the second Poetry Day, or to submit your own work. 

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