You still have my shirt. Several of them
in fact. You wear them to bed sometimes.

I watch you from afar
and sometimes up close,
because we still talk. 
Can’t stay away from
each other, it seems.

But mostly I watch. Watching you
and catching you growing apart from me
and moving away in the empty space
and growing up and running around
until I hardly recognize you anymore,
until I watch you close up and you’re
just the same, just the same as before.

In some moments it’s
almost like you’re still
my girl, my world, my
precious pearl, my
gold and silver, my
all in all. And I wonder,
do you watch me too?

Maybe we’re chapters in each others’
lives and nothing more. How are you
supposed to know when the book is
closed until you’re up close, open
with pages yet unturned when you’re
close and the sound of your voice
and the heat of your breath is like
wind under my wings? 

You tell me to stop watching.
I tell you sure. But I keep watching.
I keep watching you.

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Poet’s Notes

For my first poem in a bit, I thought I would return to one of my favorite themes — love. I hope you enjoyed this poem. You can find all my other poetry in The Poetry Deck archives.

If you’re looking for another love poem (a bit of a playful one with a double meaning), try my poem “Blue Light.” 

Thank you for reading! 






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