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In the Heat of July… July Review and August Updates

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Voyage of the Mind in July 2020, plus updates for August. What’ll be new, and what’ll stay the same. Thank you for your readership!

July Review

I’m going to keep this one short but sweet. July was a wonderful month on Voyage of the Mind. Readership grew, engagement increased, and we kept up with an absolutely frenetic workload. Which is only one of the reasons why August is going to appear slightly different. But first, here are some highlights from July that I highly recommend to you.

First, a poem. My pick for the month has to go to this one, titled “I Do Not Know.” It’s a love poem and I’d love if you gave it a read! A close second goes to these two short poems, “Mask” and “Dieting,” which were extremely well-received (and will be featured in my upcoming short story and poetry collection!).

In the realm of articles, I have to give it up for this one about whether writing can be an addiction, but also to my big July project on why writers write — featuring the responses of over sixty writers from the Twitter #WritingCommunity. Check them both out! July also saw some historical interest articles, this one suggested by a Twitter friend — it’s on the mysterious death of Vincent van Gogh.

July also saw Voyage of the Mind featuring several guest posts. I urge you to check out “Blues” by Ernest G. Valencia, “Red Rapunzel” by Ingrid of Experiments in Fiction, and “The Magic of Growing Up” by Jimi Rodriguez. Also give Dylan’s first ever short story, “The Wall,” a read if you’re a fan of military fiction.

With that, I’ll close out the July review portion of this article — and give you another big thank you for your readership. You give Voyage of the Mind wings. We wouldn’t be able to fly without you! (I’ve been thinking I ought to change all that to “You give Voyage of the Mind sails. We wouldn’t be able to sail without you!” But it just doesn’t have the same ring.)

August Updates

First off, you may have noticed that we’re ten days into August 2020 and you haven’t heard much from Voyage of the Mind. Have no fear, we’re still here! I explained a bit about my four-day hiatus (which turned into a week hiatus) in this post. It was prompted by some Twitter difficulties, which I will be addressing in detail in a blog post later this week. For now, suffice to say that a shadowban was involved. If you don’t know what a shadowban is, don’t worry! I’ll define it for you… later… and tell you how you can avoid it. 

In July, I published an average of four pieces a day on Voyage of the Mind, comprised of my work, Dylan’s, and the work of guest posters. In August, that number will be reduced to around one a day while I focus on some fiction writing of mine. Yes, as much as I like to talk about balancing blogging and fiction writing, it is a balance, and it’s hard to achieve a fifty-fifty balance. In July, I put blogging on the heavy side; this month, I need to focus on my fiction. I’m taking a gap year this year, mostly in order to write, and this means that I have about exactly a year to figure out how to make money from writing. Blogging is part of this. But so is fiction writing.

Speaking of which, my debut short story and poetry collection Metamorphosis has a release date — August 20, in just ten days! I announced this in my announcement of the second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day competition, which will coincide with the release. (Aptly, the theme is metamorphosis.) I’ve been flip-flopping a lot on whether I’ll publish Metamorphosis here or on Amazon, and at this point the answer is, again, Amazon. It will be through a company (of my own making), Lincoln & Liberty, LLC. I very much hope that you’ve collected the 99 pennies you’ll need to buy it during the first month! (After that, I think I’ll be increasing the price to $1.99. But we’ll see!)

Anyway, in this first week of August, I’ve been writing furiously on The Many, the creation of which you can follow in my “A Chronicle of Creation” series. The Many is a project that I’m hoping to ultimately query agents with, but we shall see what the future has in store for it. I’ve just broken 25,000 words on the project, which seems as if it will be over 100,000 words long in its first draft form. Eek!

So what have you been up to during this first week of August? I’m glad to be back here on the blog! I’ve missed that unique synergy that comes to create a blog post… the combination of text, words, well-placed bold-face… and poetry. Tell me what you’ve been up to and what hopes you have for your writing life and if there’s anything you want to see on Voyage of the Mind in August. Talk to me about anything. And thank you again for reading!

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