Technical difficulties fanning the fires of
present and future frustrations, spawning
controversial intricacies I can’t understand
but know I can’t stand for. Technical difficulties
in faulty wording and missed signals
and endless attribution of blame. Technical
difficulties breaching the barriers of fortresses
I thought were stable, besieging Internet
citadels that were meant to hold firm.
Missed replies and stolen messages go
floating through the Twitterverse on wings
of forgotten verbiage. Don’t miss my mark,
I’m not missing you. I hit your mark, but
it’s not reaching you. Technical difficulties
breeding noxious tentacles that reach out
to cross wires and suffocate you.

code symbolizing technical difficulties

Poet’s Notes

Thanks for reading this poem! It’s inspired by some technical difficulties I’ve been having on Twitter and elsewhere around the web. Seriously frustrating. If you enjoyed it and want another issue-inspired poem, try my poem “Blue Light.” 

Anyway, thank you again for reading! Feel free to tell me about technical difficulties of your own in the comments or link any technical-issue-inspired poetry. (I’m probably the only one who writes it.)







a candle representing life

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