Sonnet IV — “Summer Love”

A restlessness inside my soul recalls
the swell of ocean waves and waxing wind
and rush of surf up to the jetty walls
and all the times we lay in shade and sinned.

Down on the shore in golden light of dusk,
we splayed ourselves along the sandy bar
and face to face we loved until the husk
of silver moon rose glimmering afar.

Now I am far removed from you — and you
have found somebody new to take my place
and lie with you beside the roaring blue
and do the things — oh, how you touched my face!

But still in me our summer love lives on,
and I will wait for you though you are gone.


I hope you enjoyed “Summer Love.” If so, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear what you think of my sonnets in general. I don’t write them often and need to know if I should continue.

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