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The Second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day: Metamorphosis

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It feels like just yesterday I announced the first Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day. Then it was upon us! And before I knew it, I was declaring the winners

You should, by the way, check out that post I linked above if you’re a poetry fan, or if you plan on participating in the second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day. Which I would love for you to do! Check out all the entries from last time, themed around seasons, here.

Poetry Day is exciting enough in itself, but this time it’s double excitement — the second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day will coincide with the release of my short story and poetry collection Metamorphosis. My vision for Metamorphosis has changed a bit since I gave you the lineup of stories and poems, which is no longer the lineup of stories and poems, and it’s even changed a bit since I did the cover reveal. I think the changes I’ve made have improved the collection on the whole, and I hope you’ll pick up a copy when it comes out! It’ll be on sale for $0.99 for its first month in existence, and after that the price will increase slightly to $1.49. I’ve chosen to sell it here, from the blog, instead on Amazon or another wholesale service.

But enough about that! It’s time we got to the details of Poetry Day: the theme, the logistics, and the prizes on the line.

The logistics

The second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day will begin on August 20, 2020. The “submission window” will remain open from 12:00 AM that day until 11:59 PM the next day (August 21, 2020), which will give everyone 48 hours to get their poems in. 

Once the submission window opens, you can submit in a couple different ways:

1. This is the preferred method. Drop your poem (if it’s short) or a link to your poem in a comment on THIS POST. I’ll be reminding everyone of this throughout the two-day submission window. 

2. You can also submit on Twitter. Please use #VoyageoftheMind #PoetryDay and also tag me @VoyageoftheMind. This first time around, I did notice some submissions after the fact that I had missed because I wasn’t tagged. This is my fault, since I forgot to tell people to tag me, so I’m sorry if you were in this boat. To stop it from happening again, I’d like you to tag me in your submission if you’re submitting via Twitter — or to comment on one of my posts promoting Poetry Day.

3. You can also submit via email if you’d like. Send your poem to

If you submit on Twitter or over email, I will ask you if it’s all right for me to post your poem or a link to your poem in the comments of this announcement post. Please let me know either way!

Dylan will be judging the second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day. He’ll be judging blindly. So he’ll stay away from Twitter, email, and from the announcement post during the two-day window. At the end, I’ll put all the poems into a Google Doc without names attached, identified by a number, and he’ll judge them without knowing who wrote each one.  

The theme

Because the second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day coincides with the release of my short story and poetry collection Metamorphosis, the theme for this second Poetry Day is METAMORPHOSIS. Which is a big fancy word for change, if you didn’t know. I am open to liberal interpretations of my prompts. So you can write about whatever metamorphosis means to you. If it means butterflies, write butterflies! If it means something else, write that something else. I want to read your work, no matter how you approach the prompt. And if you’re really not sure something will make the cut, feel free to run all or part of it by me before Poetry Day. 

The prizes

Last time around, I was honored to award the super poet Randall McNair (@RandallMcNair3) with a $10 prize for his poem “Blackbird Fly.” This time around, I’m pleased to say that we’ll be able to offer a slightly larger, $15 prize to the grand prize winner. We’ll also award three special mentions to three runners-up. Many or perhaps all of the competitors will also receive a mention in the winner announcement post. 

If you would like to help out the prize fund, you can ease our financial burden elsewhere by contributing to our book fund via Ko-fi.

At the end of the day, Poetry Day is about the love of poetry and about promoting poetry here and around the web. So it would be a privilege to have you compete whether or not you care about prizes! If you’re a lover of poetry — even if you’re not a writer of poetry — I cordially invite you to submit your work. One of the best parts of the first Poetry Day was seeing everyone encourage each other here and on Twitter. From my point-of-view, it was a truly fabulous experience for everyone involved. Just ask anyone who participated! 

Contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day! 

The details, once again: 
The second Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day will run from 12:00 AM August 20, 2020 until 11:59 PM August 21, 2020. Dylan will judge. The theme is metamorphosis. The grand prize winner will win $15. Three special mentions will also be awarded. I look forward to reading all the poetry this friendly competition produces!!

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