Food for Snakes: A Poem

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Tread lightly, or you might become
food for snakes. In this world,
in this dark place, there are too many snakes
and too little real estate. Watch out
for the loan sharks
who swim just off shore.

In this jungle gym full of circus clowns
and dancing bears, you can never be sure
who you can trust
to stay alive —
not with your life,
but with their own. It’s a tough
world out there, little snake —
eat or get eaten. Run or get
overrun by something bigger than you.

What’s that you say? Fuck the system,
you say? Oh, little snake,
you don’t know. Until you’ve felt the full weight
come falling down on you, emptied on your head,
felt the full rage, the vengeful wrath on your back,
you don’t know. Try to escape
and you’ll face everything they can spare
to throw after you. Try to game it
and you’ll find the house on your tail. 

What you need, little snake,
is a snake family
and a bigger snake like me
to watch out for you. Come on into
this cozy home of ours. It’s always warm
in a den of vipers. We keep the walls
well oiled, the meat well-cooled. You better
come out of the cold. You better
step into the light. You better
not make another mistake. After all,
you don’t want to become food for snakes.

a snake in a tree
a snake

Poet’s Notes

I got the idea for this poem while playing the game Slither. It may seem like strange inspiration… but it goes to show that inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time, through any means! 

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a snake curled up

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