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Why Do You Write? The Writing Community Speaks.

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“Why do you write?” we asked. And the Writing Community answered. 

A note on the formatting of this article

You’ll notice that each person’s response is printed on a button. If you click on the button, you’ll be taken to that person’s Twitter profile page! We thought that this article would be a great way to learn about why others write — while building community at the same time. Anyone you’re interested in learning more about, click on their button, give them a follow, and, most importantly, start a conversation.

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We hope you enjoyed this article about why writers write — and hope that it helped you extend your writing community!

If your answer wasn’t featured, tell us in the comments — why do you write? What do you gain from writing? Whose response resonates with you the most? What did you like about the presentation of this article and what would you have done differently? Let us know so that we can make the next “#WritingCommunity Speaks” even better than this one!

And if you have an idea for a question we should ask the writers of Twitter’s #WritingCommunity, let us know. We’re always looking for ideas, and we always credit them to their originators. 

As always, thank you for reading. If you’re looking to support the work we do here on Voyage of the Mind, follow us using the buttons in the sidebar at the top of the page or subscribe to our mailing list below. You can also consider giving us a small tip on Ko-fi — buy us a funny virtual coffee for $2 a pop! The caffeine fuel helps Voyage of the Mind run smoothly. 

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