in(sanity): A Poem About Insanity

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I woke up one morning to find that the world
had over(night) turned upside-down.

What is up without a down,
and what is gravity without the fall,
and who are we,
in the midst of it all?

You and I and all
have minds like ropes that hold stead(fast) for a time
but eventually begin to fray. Like the sky
from time to time,
when clouds spice the sun,
or at dusk some(times),
when the patchwork colors bleed into one.

I woke up one morning to find that the pitcher
had (short)circuited over and broken at the fountain.
And the world was gray, but I couldn’t say,
because it had only ex(changed) one shade of difference
since yesterday.

I searched for a meaning in(sanity) and the shape of the sky
and the way upside-down trees loomed towards me
with reaching boughs and bowing heads. 
And the upside-down houses and upside-down roadways
and bridges and tunnels that beckoned to me.
I returned to the night, with darkness inside,
a hole through my head
and a hole in my heart.


an upside down house representing insanity
an upside down man representing insanity

Poet’s Notes

I decided to write a bit of a twisty poem today! I hope you liked it, though. As far as twisty poems go, I think that it’s quite understandable — it’s a poem about insanity, as the title might suggest. If you liked it, you’d probably also like my twistier poem “Footprints in the Snow.” Thank you very much for reading this poem about insanity!

And if you’re loving my work, I’d really appreciate if you left me a tip on Ko-fi so I can keep creating as much as possible for you. Thank you, as always, for reading!

an upside down woman with an umbrella

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