Writing the Fifth Chapter — Chronicle of Creation VII

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Writing updates

We’re 12,500 words in, the fifth chapter is finished, and The Many is beginning to feel like a real, live story! A week or so ago I was telling someone on Twitter that right around 15K is when a story begins to feel real and weighty to me. And, well, I’m approaching that mark here. Chapter 5 was a lot of fun to write. The characters are starting to get to know each other a bit more — a nice perk of getting thrown on a desert expedition together — and this is opening up some interesting dynamics between them. I’ve also been interspersing details about my world here and there, so that readers can become situated in it by the time the characters shift locations. Which will be in not too long.

And I’m so hyped about finishing Chapter 5 that I’m going to plunge straight into Chapter 6 tonight! Woo-hoo!

Writing the fifth chapter of The Many

In this chapter, the characters get about three-quarters of the way to Elma, a city on the coast of Misar (equivalent to this world’s Egypt). In the next chapter, they’ll arrive in Elma. 

Thus far, I haven’t had the chance to throw too many road bumps in their path, since they’re actually traveling on a road. But when they get to the Sand Sea (what I’m calling the unmarked area between Elma and the oracle of Mabris in the middle of the desert), they’re going to run into obstacles galore. The problems will start in Elma, so I’m very much looking forward to writing the next chapter and introducing a healthy element of trouble into the mix. You’ve got to test your characters’ mettle, people! This is half a writer’s job! 

Below: An image of an oasis similar to the one my characters are traveling to in Chapter 5, and a picture of a “caravanserai” (what they call a halfway-house) where they stay.

an oasis
a caravanserai that the characters stay in in the fifth chapter

Here’s an excerpt from The Many, Chapter Five.

an excerpt from the fifth chapter of The Many

Writing the fifth chapter…

… was fun, fun, fun. And like I said, I’m going to plunge straight into Chapter 6. Hopefully, I’ll have another progress update for you in two or three days. It won’t be too long before the characters arrive at the oracle of Mabris… and you know what that means. A cool oracle scene!

Anyways, I’ve been feeling very motivated to keep writing on The Many, which is a great sign for me. I do think that my prediction about finishing the second ten thousand words faster than the first will come true. Meanwhile, I’ve been able to keep up here on the blog as well, thanks to all my figuring out how to balance blogging and fiction writing.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my progress and writing the fifth chapter. Tell me what you thought of the excerpt! Did it intrigue you? Talk to me about anything related to The Many or something else! Tell me about your progress on your own work-in-progress.

And thank you so much for following my journey on this novel! It’s a really heartening thing to see great feedback on my excerpts and progress reports. 

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