In the Name of Love: A Poem

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Take delight in hands that press together
and faces that beam at each other
and shining eyes that light the night like beacons,
like lighthouses in a storm,
not in rage,
not in hate,
not in envy.

You may speak with bravest fire
and have the gift to all-inspire.
But have not love, your words are vain
as sounding brass and hopeless gain.

Go down to the river
with all your sins and sorrows
and cast them there,
it does not matter.
The river flows from mountain slopes
into the sea
but is not emptied. Bring your strength,
bring your weakness, your sickness
and health,
and dash them against the stones.

You may give all you possess
and striving so your love profess.
But without love that rises within
the profit soon turns strangely thin.

Fall on your hands and knees
and crawl
in the name of love.
Fold yourself into a ball
and curl up and howl
in the name of love.
Resonate, illuminate, reverberate,
forgo all that you are
and all that you have
in the name of love.

Come, Love, come, my heart control.
My spirit longs to be made whole.
Let you guide my every deed,
that through you I may be freed.

a river running like love
a lighthouse in the ocean representing love

Poet’s Notes

I’ve intertwined the lyrics of a famous hymn, “The Gift of Love,” in this poem. I’ve modified the lyrics slightly, though, and the meaning is no longer religious (at least to me). If you enjoyed this poem, you’d probably also enjoy my poem “I Do Not Know.”

And if you’re loving my work, I’d really appreciate if you left me a tip on Ko-fi so I can keep creating as much as possible for you. Thank you, as always, for reading!

water rushing

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