I Do Not Know: A Love Poem

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To Dylan

I do not know if I can love you
the way you love me,
the way you deserve to be loved.

When morning comes,
and the rosy light of dawn
presses its fingertips against the window,
and you curl your fingers in my hair
or press against my shoulderblade,
I do not know,
I cannot say.

When the wind blows long and low,
carrying with it the saltwater waft
of the ocean waves,
and when you speak to me long and slow,
and whisper things into my ears,
I do not know,
I cannot say.

And maybe,
the day will come
when you will turn away
and run
like you run when it rains,
to the door,
where it’s safe.

But will the day ever come
when I turn to you
and the light of true-sweet love
warms my heart and lights my soul
and sets my spirit aglow?

I do not know,
I cannot say.
But I will wait until the day
love takes flight,
like a boat at night
that slips its moorings and sails out of sight.
Or like a gull on the wing,
the day love flies,
if it flies,
this silent,
fire-bright thing.

a gull flying
dawn light

Poet’s Notes

When you have a bad day in love… you write a poem and dedicate it to the one you love. If you’re a poet. Yes, I’ve embraced it, I’m a poet. I hope you’ve enjoyed this poem. It’s very personal, but I hope you find it applies to your life and relationships as well as mine.

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a boat at sea

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