Voyage of the Mind: Poetry Day: Seasons

Today is the first Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day!

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A quick announcement to direct you to where you need to be on Poetry Day — that is, where you can leave links to your poetry themed around seasons!

It’s Poetry Day! There are prizes on the line. Here’s what you need to do to participate.

First, you need to have a poem themed around seasons in hand. If you have a blog or site or Twitter that you want to have exposure, you’ll want to have the poem housed there. 

Then, head on over to the original Poetry Day announcement and drop the link to your poem in the comments of that post. If you don’t have a site or Twitter that you’re posting from, feel free to drop the poem itself in the comments. 

We will review all of the work that we get (up till the deadline, which is 11:59 PM tomorrow night), and determine the “winners” of this friendly competition, then distribute the prizes ($10 to the grand prize winner, plus a shout-out to that winner and the two runners-up). But let us take care of all that work. All you have to do is post the poetry… or sit back and enjoy the poetry.

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Hop aboard!

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