Summer Temptations: A Short Poem

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Summer temptations lie in wait.

Beneath the raging August sun
the wild orchard bakes beneath the summer haze.
The fields lay fallow, obscured by lines
of wavering heat, caressing the curves
and ridges of the dancing grass.

And if I descend into the stillness
of that blessed valley and lie beside her
and run my hand along the curve of
her back and feel the bumps of
her spine, bones of the earth,
we may go, hand in hand,
to eat that fruit
and gorge ourselves on cherries
and ripe bursting peaches that hang
beneath the noonday sun. And
lie back in the dappled shade and
close our eyes.

In a blink she’s gone, gone
with the summer flame. 

And I am left alone, dripping
in cherry juice and spilled

a field beneath summer heat
cherries representing temptations

Poet’s Notes

For the first ever Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day, I chose the theme of seasons because I write a lot of poetry about seasons. This is the first of several poems on the theme of seasons for Poetry Day.

If you’re a poet and have a poem about seasons or can write one on the spot, stop by and link it in the comments of the Poetry Day announcement for some free exposure! Plus, there are prizes on the line. I’ll check out your work and promote it for you on Twitter.

I hope you enjoyed “Summer Temptations”! Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

cherries representing temptations

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