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3 Things About the Movie Clueless (1995, Amy Heckerling)

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1. The movie Clueless is based on a novel. 

Well, the 25th anniversary of Clueless got the jump on me, but luckily Dylan and I had just watched it the other week. In all, I’ve watched it too many times to count. It’s one of those movies that’s still good no matter how many times you watch it. For me, at least. 

And when I saw that it was in fact the 25th anniversary of Clueless, I knew I had to do another “3 Things” write-up… this time, featuring three things about the movie Clueless. Which you should watch, if you haven’t. 

Topping this list of things about Clueless is this bombshell that I’m guessing most of you already know, if you’ve watched the movie. Clueless is based on a novel. A pretty famous novel by a pretty famous novelist, actually. Think a heck of a lot older than Harry Potter, but still by a female author. A lot of people’s favorite female author from long ago, in fact. Yes, I’m talking about Jane Austen.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a huge fan of Jane Austen’s writing. I find her books a little… boring? But to each their own! There are plenty of people who appreciate her novels greatly, and besides they paved they way for a heck of a lot of romance, and broke the seal for quite a few female authors. (Not that there weren’t female authors before Austen, but every victory helps.) For this reason, she goes down as one of the greats in literary history. And one of her books produced a great film spin-off. Clueless is based on the Jane Austen novel Emma.

the three central characters from the movie Clueless

Emma in Emma is a hapless matchmaker. She, like Cher in Clueless, realizes that she wants to find love for herself, too! But, uh-oh, the first guy she sets her heart on is actually married. (In Clueless, he’s gay — and this is all the funnier if you watch the movie adaptation of Emma after the fact. I won’t explain why.) Anyways, if you read the book and watch Clueless, you’ll find that the parallels are there. 

2. Clueless is as hilarious now as it was 25 years ago. (As if I would know… I wasn’t born.)

I don’t know exactly what it is, but the movie Clueless is pretty timeless. At least it seems that way to me. From the moment I first watched it, sometime in my teens with my parents, to now, it hasn’t changed. It remains bold and hilarious, the characters fresh each time. And given that my parents still watch it with glee, I’m guessing that this supposition of mine is correct. I’m sure there are people out there who hate Clueless. But I have to say, I’m not a fan of rom-coms, but I like this rom-com. So if you’re an ardent hater of all things pink and sparkly out there, you still might want to give this one a try. It’s more than one layer deep and I promise you at least one good laugh. (Probably in the driving test scene.)

3. There’s a Clueless TV show in the making. But it won’t feature Cher Horowitz…

So, this news kind of surprised me. But I guess it shouldn’t have. There already was a TV reboot, after all, back in the 1990s. But this 2020 version (not sure when the actual release date is) won’t feature everyone’s favorite Cher Horowitz. Instead, it’s going to be centered around her friend Dionne (on the right in the photo below). And apparently it’s not going to be much like the original Clueless. A lot of articles forecast that it will upset die-hard Clueless fans. We’ll have to see. 

By the way, the leading ladies are Cher Horowitz (played by Alicia Silverstone), Tai Frasier (Brittany Murphy), and Dionne Davenport (Stacey Dash).  

the three central characters from the movie Clueless

In conclusion

I hope I’ve convinced you to give this movie a shot. You can hop on over to Amazon to watch it now, or to save it for later! (This is an affiliate link, so I get a small referral bonus at no extra cost to you if you choose to rent or purchase the movie.) It’s a movie I would recommend to pretty much anyone. Especially if you like Mean GirlsMean Girls probably wouldn’t have happened without the influence of Clueless.

And if you choose to watch it, give me a yell in the comments and let me know what you think!

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