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Watch out for those writers. Support charity. Learn to format dialogue.

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Only on Voyage of the Mind…

Call me eclectic, I don’t mind. 

I want to remind you, Voyage of the Mind wouldn’t fly without you. You give us wings. We soar on wings of words into tomorrow. 

And this past week, we were proud to present you with the usual eclectic mix of offerings — there’s something for everyone here. Let me take a moment to highlight my top picks. If I don’t mention yours, don’t feel obliged… but you can always drop it in the comments. 

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First off, I hold pieces not written by me close to my heart. 

Why, you might ask? Well, I’m an editorial writer, and I love seeing other writers’ work shine — and working with them to help make it shine. And I enjoy curating images for posts that aren’t mine. Call me crazy… 

This week, Voyage of the Mind was proud to host Ingrid of Experiments in Fiction a third time. Hers is a deliciously dark, twisted fairytale — a modern take on “Rapunzel” called “Red Rapunzel.” What’s the twist? You’ll have to read it to find out… But trust me, it won’t disappoint. I contributed a guest post to Experiments in Fiction in return — a short story titled “Nonna Mia” that I’d love if you checked out. 

Meanwhile, Dylan posted four tips for worldbuilding that you worldbuilders out there should check out. I’m hoping that he’ll follow them up with a more extensive article on different methods of worldbuilding. In other news, I will be featuring his first ever short story on the blog tomorrow, along with a short from Jimi Rodriguez, author of the From Chaos Comes Order series. You can find Jimi @JimiARodriguez on Twitter.

Where would we be without poetry?

This week on Voyage of the mind saw the arrival of many new poems, for you poetic souls out there. Yesterday’s offering of two very short poems included one of my favorites, “Mask,” with a sidekick of “Dieting.” The most-read poem of the week was “Ocean Love,” which brought many readers back to the crashing waves of their childhood. I’d love if you gave it a read! 

My personal favorite of the poems I published this week, though, may be “Footprints in the Snow,” a twisty, challenging poem. If you’re up for the challenge, give it a read and see if you can figure it out! It’s not an impossible challenge, and there’s a hint embedded in the author’s note. 

A short story from long ago…

I shared a short story titled “Splinters” that’s inspired by an excerpt from a dystopian novel I wrote way back in 2014. And it got a lot of love, fueling new plans to revive that story project in the near future! If you’re a fan of the dystopian genre, get it on your radar! Hopefully, it won’t disappoint. 

dialogue from how to format dialogue

Learn to format dialogue.

When it comes to usefulness, my guide to dialogue formatting definitely takes the cake. Dialogue is an essential, essential part of fiction writing. But the formatting is some tricky stuff, and I see a lot of dialogue formatting mistakes in the work of writers new to fiction writing. So I wrote this handy guide that I’ll hope you’ll check out. Newbies can use it to learn the basics, and seasoned writers can use it to refresh their knowledge. Learn to format dialogue! Never make the little mistakes again!

Watch out for those writers.

When it comes to humor, which unfortunately is not always a top priority of mine, my article on five things you shouldn’t say to a writer comes in top of the line. (Be warned: You may only find it funny if you’re a writer. If you’re a non-writer, you might suffer mortification when you realize that these five things are the five things you say most commonly to writers!) Twitter friends suggested a lot more things you shouldn’t say to writers, too. Such as: “What is your story about?” Gets me every time! 

Think you have what it takes to inform and educate?

Don’t be shy! Pop on over to our contact page, grab the info, and send us your best ideas or best finished pieces. Voyage of the Mind values ALL voices and ALL approaches. Pitch us your work today!

Last and most important, support charity.

This week, I aired an article about a non-profit that’s taking aim at cyclical poverty in Houston, TX. I talked briefly about why cyclical poverty is an issue close to my heart, and I discussed how SWITCH Arts & Recreation seeks to disrupt the damaging cycle. As Jimi Rodriguez, the vice president (and that guy whose short story will be aired on the blog this coming week), puts it, cyclical poverty shouldn’t exist in a free country. I want you to give the article a read. And, if you have a few spare dollars, I want you to pop over to GoFundMe and donate to the SWITCH building project

And if you’re someone who runs a non-profit or other charity, don’t hesitate to approach us if you’re looking for some exposure. I can’t guarantee that our article will lead to any monetary contributions, obviously, but it will get your name out there for sure, at no cost to you. All it takes is a good cause to catch our eye and the power of our words! 

And remember again…

Voyage of the Mind wouldn’t fly without you. You give us wings. And sails. You give us power.

If you love the work we produce here and want to support us, you can do so on Ko-fi, where you can buy us these funny virtual coffees. They come $2 a pop, and truth be told we don’t want more than one or two a go. But we would appreciate one or two, to help keep our mission running smoothly. Currently, all donations go straight to our book fund, out of which we buy books to read and review.

You can also follow us using the buttons in the sidebar at the top of the page, or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom. 

Poets, remember that Poetry Day is coming up. The entry window opens tomorrow. Grab the details from this announcement and prepare your poems around the theme of seasons for some free exposure! We’d love to hear your voice. And there will be prizes!

With that concludes your weekly digest. Stay happy. Stay healthy. Stay well. And thank you for reading on Voyage of the Mind.

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