Writing the Third Chapter — Chronicle of Creation VI

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Writing updates

I have more progress to report! As of yesterday, I finished The Many, Chapter 3, which brings me to around 7,500 words. And the story is really heating up, which I’m excited about! The characters have just hatched a plot to make a pilgrimage to the oracle at a place called the Sawa Oasis… For those of you who know the geography and history of ancient Egypt, you’ll know what real place I’m referring to.

I’ve also been working with Dylan AKA vanhelsquirrel (check out his latest post here), my sounding board, to iron out parts of the plot further on in the novel. I don’t plan, but I do like to have a rough picture of the road in mind, to keep myself focused. Especially while working on a draft like this, where I’m revitalizing a story I’ve written several times already.

Writing the third chapter of The Many

This was a fun chapter. There was a great dialogue between my main character and another character, who’s a bit arrogant and naive. They made the plans to travel to the oasis, and then they had to inform the other characters, who had been left in the dark. Things got a little bit heated…

And at the end of the chapter, in the excerpt you’ll get to read in a moment, I got to drop an interesting detail about my character: since she’s a seer with especially strong powers, she’s never been able to look into a mirror to see her reflection, since mirrors and other reflective objects compound “sight” in my world. I think this is a very cool detail, and I was excited to introduce it here.

Below: An image of an oasis similar to the one my characters will be traveling to in Chapter 4, and a picture of a camel — they’ll be using camels to get there. The journey across the desert is about 400 miles!

an oasis
a camel

Here’s an excerpt from The Many, Chapter Three.

an excerpt from chapter three

Writing the third chapter…

… was a lot easier than writing the second chapter, as always. And for that I’m glad. I’m also excited to be moving forward. I think that Chapter 4 is going to be interesting. It’ll require a fair amount of research and a lot of scanning Google Maps for various lakes and oases along the way to the oracle. I’m thinking that I may be able to fit the oracle scenes themselves into Chapter 4, and then there will be some really big reveals in Chapter 5 that will constitute the “inciting incident” of the story. Very excited for that. 

Today, I think I’m going to take a day off from writing on The Many (we’ll see, I’ll probably feel the urge to sit down and get back at it later this evening). But I’m going to work on the world map. Eventually, I want to have Dylan design me a nice map using his cartography software (read more about his mapmaking in this post). Then I’ll share the map with you so you can better visualize the world!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my progress and reading the excerpt from Chapter 3. Let me know what you think about it! And tell me about how your work-in-progress is going. I’m wishing you luck! 


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