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Q&A: What are my current writing projects? And more.

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Welcome back to Q&A! Now… What are my current writing projects?

First of all, I’m at work finishing up my upcoming collection of short stories and poetry, Metamorphosis. I’m going to push back the date on that one a little to mid-August to give myself more time to get it perfect and actually set a date for the launch. I think this will be a better way to go about the process — no rush, no stress, no worries. I will keep everyone updated! If you haven’t checked it out already, you can take a look at the cover for Metamorphosis here

I’m also hard at work on a dark fantasy, fairytale-inspired work-in-progress with a pseudo-Byzantine setting, titled The Many. The Many is actually a new version of the fantasy novel I shelved last year. (As in a Mirror, for those who’ve been following the blog for a long time.) 

At the same time, I continue to plug away little by little on the revision of Blue and Whitea mystery stuck between adult and YA. My current plan is to finish the first draft of The Many and the final draft of Blue and White by the end of this year. That, I think, will put me in a good place!

You can find out more about Blue and White here, and more about The Many by reading “A Chronicle of Creation,” where I track my progress. In this entry, you can read a scene from the second chapter. 

I’ve been tinkering around with older work of mine to see if I can extract scenes to feature as shorts here. I find that this is a great way to feel out ideas, too. My latest short is titled “Splinters,” and I lifted it from an old dystopian novel of mine. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on it — pointing me towards reviving the project someday in the near future! (After I finish work on the other two, probably.) I’m also going to publish more shorts inspired by that project. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, I’m planning a few poetry collections, since my poetry has been well received here on the blog and many people have asked about whether I have a collection. One of my collections will probably be titled “Seasons,” since I write a lot of seasonally themed poems. (In fact, the upcoming Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day also has the theme of seasons — check out this announcement to get the details about participating! There will be prizes!)

Another collection will be “Poems About Love.” I think that there will be some overlap between these collections, but not too much, and I’ll be including both original poetry and poetry that I’ve already printed here on the blog. I will also be aiming to price these collections very reasonably (in the ninety-nine cent range). So you can look forward to seeing some poetry collections from me, perhaps by the end of 2020!

I’m very excited about working on all of these projects and on the blog in general — which is one of my biggest writing projects — over the next year.

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How do I balance blogging and fiction writing?

So, if you want to read more on this topic, check out this post. But I’m going to give a short version here — and some updates on a few things I’ve tweaked since I wrote that post. 

First of all, I seem to be having success writing about 2500 words every three or so days, but I don’t do a bit every day, I do all 2500 words in one day, usually in the evening. (Since I reserve mornings for preparing blog posts.) I’m not sure if this is the most efficient way to go about things, but it seems to be the way my brain is wired. I’m still using my special music — by far this is the best trick I’ve found for focusing in on writing The Many. 

As for efficiency when blogging, I’ve found that I’ve been able to write more and more poetry as of late, which has helped me cut down on the amount of time it takes me to prepare the posts for a given day, since I have the poems pre-prepared. Preparing in advance is definitely a good strategy for blogging, and it also helps free up time for fiction writing! Unfortunately, I’m never the most prepared. 

Having a good number of guest posts and posts by Dylan has always helped me streamline the blogging process. In that vein, if you have a guest post you want to pitch to me, hop on over to the contact page, grab the info, and send me your idea or completed piece. Don’t be shy! 

In conclusion

More questions next week! If you have a question you want answered, hop on over to my contact page, grab the info, and send it over. 

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As always, thank you for reading!


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