Footprints in the Snow: A Poem

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Footprints in the snow
and movie scenes that rewind
inside your head, hitting you
again — a turning tape, a
repeating record with no name,
these twisting wire rhythms
spliced with telegram interruptions,
vanish without a trace
or hesitation till no one knows
what’s missing, like footprints
in the snow that were left
with deft and careful crispness
and impounded, heart-arresting
with lightest footbeats.

Ring out the lighter wingbeats
of the twirling snowflakes
and gravest imitations that
come to cover your tracks —
stop in your tracks
to prostrate yourself at the altar
of criminal intentions and
streetlight invitations 
and give thanks
while churchbells toll.


footprints in the snow in a city square
ice melting

Poet’s Notes

This poem, compared to some of the others I’ve written, might strike you as a little difficult to understand — the meaning might not be clear right away. I’ll give you a hint: it’s a poem about getting away with it. 

Please tell me in the comments what you thought about “Footprints in the Snow.” 

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footprints made of ice

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