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SWITCH Arts & Recreation Center: Battling Cyclical Poverty

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Today, I’m shining a spotlight on the SWITCH Arts & Recreation Center, a planned project in Houston, TX.

I got to know about the SWITCH Arts & Recreation Center by way of its Vice President, Jimi Rodriguez, who I met on Twitter as @JimiARodriguez. Not only is Jimi a rising star in the battle against cyclical poverty, but he’s also the author of the YA fantasy series From Chaos Comes Order. And he’s a tremendously generous human being. But enough about Jimi — I’m sure he’d much rather I spend the time talking about his project. 

I’ve stolen this paragraph from the SWITCH Arts & Recreation Center’s website. The team working to build SWITCH describe their purpose:

to serve all ages and families of the greater Houston area through daytime, evening, weekend, summer, and after school programming in arts and recreation in order to develop healthy-minded, multi-talented, skilled, and determined individuals with integrity, sportsmanship, confidence, and humility.

This mission really stood out to me. And cyclical poverty is an important cause for me, as well. Growing up in Medford, Massachusetts, a far cry from Houston, I saw cyclical poverty everywhere. My family lived in the poorest neighborhood in town, so I attended the poorest high school with the poorest kids. I’ve seen some of my early childhood friends grow up and reverse the cycle, but I’ve seen others remain stuck. So this is a cause that’s close to my heart, and I’m really glad to see a group that’s tackling it head-on. 

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As Jimi’s pointed out to me, now is a very difficult time to ask for charitable donations. 

But all the same, if you have a dollar or two or ten to spare, this is a wonderful cause to donate to. Plus… For those who donate up until 7/20/2020, Jimi will enter your name into a raffle to win a signed copy of the second book in the From Chaos Comes Order. So you’ll have a chance to support a good cause and a chance to win a free book! Sounds pretty sweet to me. I’ve already placed my donation — will you?

If I haven’t convinced you, here’s Jimi explaining on video what SWITCH is all about.  

If you’re ready to make your donation, head on over to the SWITCH Arts & Recreation GoFundMe page!

And thank you for taking the time to read this. Again, you can find more information about SWITCH on its website

If you have a charitable cause that needs some love, don’t hesitate to reach out to me about it. I’ll be happy to help you however I can, through a profile for your charity here on the blog like this one, or through a contribution. Blogging is about a lot of things, and doing good is one of them. 

Feel free to talk to me in the comments about anything!

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