Ocean Love: A Love Poem

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Ocean love
makes waves
that roll across
the endless shore
of my empty psyche.

The torrent rises
abounding, and bounding
the boundless sea crawling foam
rises, creeping up the beach.

in me, inside my soul.
Fill the emptiness
inside my stomach
with choppy water-ridges
and the shells of razor clams.
inside my chest.
Know my every cove
and explore my every reef
and discover my every treasure.

Probe my depths.

Break the surf
(throbbing loneliness)
from my breast.
Take my heart
and gut it out
and spill my blood
across the sand —
catch me in a riptide
while ocean waves
make love
to me.


waves like ocean waves
ocean waves
ocean waves on a beach

Poet’s Notes

I like writing poetry about love because love is an incredibly universal emotion. For this reason, I can rest assured that people will relate to my love poetry. 

If you enjoyed this poem, I anticipate that you would also enjoy my poems “Kinetic” and “The Smoky Room.”

Please tell me in the comments what you thought about “Ocean Love.” 

Thank you for reading!

a reef under the ocean

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