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Tips for Resolving Pinterest Problems

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Quick tips for resolving Pinterest problems. Experience from a Pinterest problem… that I resolved. This will give you hope!

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1. When it comes to resolving Pinterest problems, don’t panic!

And don’t kill yourself worrying, either, though you’ll probably feel like the guy in the picture above. That’s about what I looked like. Fortunately and unfortunately, there’s a pretty high likelihood that, depending on your problem, it may be out of your hands — that is, there may be nothing you can do to fix it. 

I definitely learned this the hard way. My Pinterest problem was a fairly simple one. I’d been getting a pretty good number of views on my pins, given that I was in my first few weeks pinning. But all of a sudden, those views dropped off the map, and I was lucky if each of my pins got one or two views. This happened in the span of a day. One pin got two thousand views, and the next got none. At first, I figured it was bad luck. But after pinning a couple more and getting no views, I came to the realization that there was a problem. And I began to worry. Shoot, what if I’ve screwed up my Pinterest forever? What if I have to make a new account and start all over? What if…

All this worrying didn’t really help. After doing some research, I realized that if the problem was what I thought it was, there was nothing I could do to resolve it myself. I had to contact Pinterest support. Which carries me into my next point…

2. Do contact Pinterest support.

When I started looking up advice online about what I should do, I read a lot of horror stories about Pinterest support. People who had contacted and waited for weeks for a reply, ditched their account in the process, and were now stuck trying to get a new one off the ground. So I was a little reticent to contact Pinterest support. 

But once I decided I had to, I found out that in my case, at least, Pinterest support responded. They opened a ticket and looked into my problem. They found an issue with their spam blocker and apologized. They resolved the problem for me. And now my Pinterest account is running smoothly again. 

So when it comes to resolving a Pinterest problem, contacting Pinterest support is definitely worth it. Here’s a link to the Help Center, which is where I started. I ended up emailing Pinterest, since my help ticket didn’t submit online. 

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3. While you’re waiting to resolve the Pinterest problem, keep creating pins. Just hold your horses on pinning them.

This is something I’m very glad I did while my account was undergoing issues. Instead of dropping everything, I kept making pins so that I would have them ready by the time the issues were resolved. I make my pins on Canva, a great resource. (I’ve given you my friend referral link — if you join Canva and make a design, we’ll each get 1 Canva credit!) I kept making pins, which I often use as the featured image on my blog posts anyway.

And once my issue was resolved, I had a bunch of pins to pin. Dylan (who handles a lot of the Pinterest stuff) and I staggered them out over a couple days, splicing in some newer material too. And that was how we got our Pinterest going strong again and referring readers once more. It’s a big relief. 

In conclusion

I hope that this article on resolving Pinterest problems was helpful. If you enjoyed it and are looking for more Pinterest tips, read about three insights I picked up in my first week pinning. And if you have a Pinterest problem, feel free to drop details in the comments. I’ll be happy to troubleshoot for you, though I can’t promise a resolution to every problem. I’m no Pinterest expert! But at the very least, I’ll be able to refer you to some forums that might showcase similar issues, and to Pinterest support. 

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