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Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day Announcement — Celebrate With Us!

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It’s summer, which means it’s time for… palm trees? No, poetry! The first ever Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day, to be exact.

And I’m here to cordially invite you to join. Poets, readers of poetry, and non-poets alike are welcome. Let me lay the details out for you.

If you’re here to read poetry, and read alone, then all you have to do is bookmark this page and keep it safe…

… and return on Monday, July 20, when the poets out there (myself included) will link their work in the comments.

Then you can have a free for all reading all the wonderful poems that have been posted by talented poets from all around the web — Twitter friends, WordPress friends, new and old friends alike. 

Even if you’re normally only a reader of poetry, I invite and encourage you to contribute a poem! You never know what you might come up with.

While we’re on this matter, let’s talk about what all you poets out there should do if you want to participate in the Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day.


Information for poets

For this first Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day, the theme is seasons. I chose this theme because I’ve been writing a lot of poetry about seasons (and times of the year). For a couple examples, see my poems “Solace in Birdsong” and “Still August.”

I am very open to liberal and creative interpretations of my theme. A couple examples that I’d definitely feel fit the bill are poems based on months of the year (as opposed to specific seasons) or specific times in the year (like the transition between winter and spring). I’d also be open to any interpretations on the “seasons” of life. Write poetry based on whatever seasons means to you, and I’ll read it!

New poetry written specifically for Poetry Day is, of course, welcome. But older poetry not written with Poetry Day in mind is also welcome, as long as it fits the theme. 

Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day will be on Monday, July 20. That should give you time to polish up some great work that I am very much looking forward to read. There is no entry fee, no minimum or maximum word count or line length, and no restrictions other than the stated theme.

If you’re a WordPress blogger, tag your poem “Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day.” If you’re on Twitter, hashtag your poem with #VoyageoftheMind #PoetryDay when you promote it there, so I’ll be able to find it. 

For everyone, hop back here to this post and drop your link in the comments so we can all check it out. Feel free to say hi and give a few words on your poem if you like. 

What happens afterwards? I’ll leave the “entry window” open for a day — from the first minute (12:01 AM) of Monday, July 20 to the last minute (11:59 PM) of Tuesday, June 21. That gives everyone a full two days (if I’ve calculated correctly) to submit their links. I’ll be going through links as they come in. My TOP THREE FAVORITE POEMS will receive a shout-out here on Voyage of the Mind. The grand prize winner 

The writers of my top three favorite poems will receive a shout-out here on Voyage of the Mind, with links to their work. And the grand prize winner — the writer of my favorite poem — will receive a small prize of $10, paid through PayPal.

As I already said above, I’m not charging any entry fee for Poetry Day, and never will charge an entry fee for any Poetry Day in the future. Poetry Day is about encouraging and fostering the love of poetry. But I do hope to increase the amount of the prize in future renditions of Poetry Day, as well as provide small prizes to the runner-up and third-place winners. If you would like to help me do this, please consider making a small donation to Voyage of the Mind on Ko-fi. Regardless of whether we receive any donations, we’ll always guarantee a small monetary prize to the winner for their hard work, talent, and time invested in writing for Poetry Day! But a big part of the value of this friendly competition, in my eyes, comes in exposure gained for all of us.

I very much hope that you will take part in the first Voyage of the Mind Poetry Day.

Again, the theme is SEASONS, and entries are due in link form in the comments here anywhere between 12:01 AM Monday, July 20 and 11:59 PM Tuesday, July 21.

Two runners-up and one grand prize winner will be chosen based on my judgement. The three winners will receive a shout-out here on Voyage of the Mind with links to their work, and the grand prize winner will also receive a $10 prize. May the odds be in your favor! 

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Hop aboard!

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