Batter Down the Walls of My Heart: A Poem

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Batter down the walls of my heart,
break down the doors and shatter the windows.

Don’t hesitate in your assault —
chase me, pursue me, capture my heart.
Cage it and keep it and beat it
until it gives in and starts beating for you.

Prove all the lessons they told in fairytales
before America rewrote them. But all the
happily ever afters will never define this. Love is
baseless, blatant passion. Love is
redemption. Love is
tenderness and kindness. Love transcends
loudness and lingers in silence. But love is also

a battered down wall

Poet’s Notes

I like writing poetry about love because love is an incredibly universal emotion. For this reason, I can rest assured that people will relate to my love poetry. 

The first poem about love I shared here was “Curtain of Desire,” which you should give a read if you liked this poem. I write about both the good and bad of love. For some more of my love poetry, check out “You Ruin Me.” 

Please tell me in the comments what you thought about “Batter Down the Walls of My Heart.”

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