We have this kinetic
connection. This signal conducted
by impulse, electrical,
perpetual. Are you
ten thousand miles away
or next to me,
touching my face? 

Maybe we are mirror-image
rays of light, butterfly-
dancing through the wires,
fighting, flying,
intertwining. I want to know
where you are. I want to hear
your voice. I want to see
who you’re with. I want to be
near to you. 

Kinetricity, bathed in
icy blue-light beside lava lamp-
light the shadows of my soul
and the corners of my heart.
particles making waves,
sending rays of love

to you.


kinetic energy
fireworks representing July

Poet’s Notes

This is another poem about love. As a companion to this one, you should read my poem “The Smoky Room,” which is an old-school take on love. This one, as you can probably tell, is the modern version: electro-love. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Please tell me in the comments what you think. I’d love to hear your voice!

kinetic energy

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