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The Thought: A Modern Sonnet — EIF Poetry Challenge

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A brief explanation, because I usually don’t write sonnets… 

When I saw that Ingrid of Experiments in Fiction had posted a poetry challenge, I knew I had to participate! Then I saw what the challenge was… and laughed out loud! A Shakespearean sonnet. I had one lying around that I had written for my English class junior year of high school. I’d also written another at a time when, as I told Ingrid in the comments of her post, I must’ve had too much time on my hands. Because, let’s be honest, sonnets are notoriously fiddly. They’re not impossible, but fiddly. I’m calling mine a modern sonnet because I’ve decided to leave out the thees and thous. 

The one I wrote in my spare time is a love sonnet that I don’t think I’ll ever get up the nerve to share. But this is the one for the English class, which I think actually turned out quite nicely… We’ll see what you think! First, I want you to go check out the EIF Poetry Challenge #1 and see if you’re up to the task… er, the challenge. Can you sling words like, well, Shakespeare?

Without much more ado, here’s my modern sonnet.  

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The Thought: A Modern Sonnet

If you could but reach out and see beyond,
Beyond the life of solitude you lead,
Pass o’er the ripp’ed reflection in the pond,
You’d see that what you want, you do not need. 

With haste fly hours that pass you by and by —
You, caught within the web you chose to weave
Of all the secrets and the lies that lie
In shreds about your feet each time you leave. 

Your life is dust that scatters in the air,
Like silver, diamonds and precious things.
As tarnished dreams and hopeless wishes dare,
You follow them away — the siren sings.

As I begin to find my final rhyme,
So too you pass — a thought — beyond all time. 


Well, I hope you enjoyed this poem! It’s a little silly and very different. I definitely had some fun writing it way back when. Writing sonnets or any poem with a strict rhythm is a good challenge. 

Please tell me what you think about my modern sonnet in the comments! I’d love to hear your voice. And if a lot of people seem to have really enjoyed it, maybe I’ll post my other one as an encore round.

For now, if you liked this poem, you might also enjoy my poem “The Half-Life of a Poem.” It’s a playful poem about poetry.

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