I would like to sit in the quiet
of a sunny autumn morning
with the smell of pine in the air
and take a breath
and slow down
before we get ahead of ourselves,
before we lose everything.

But we’re in the heat
of July,
when the sun’s cruel glow
gives no hope for breath.
And all the pines
that once grew in this place
and perfumed the air,
spinning against the sky,
have been felled. And there is nothing
right now,
only a slender thread winding between
our hearts,
holding me
not as fast as it once did.

I am doing my best. I swear
I am doing my best. I am
hanging on
for that breath
at the end of the tunnel
at harvest-time
of crisp autumn air. For now
I will put my head against your chest
and cling to you
and listen for your sure and steady heart.


the sun coming through a gap in a chainlink fence
a poem about heartbreak

Poet’s Notes

I like writing poetry about love because love is an incredibly universal emotion. For this reason, I can rest assured that people will relate to my love poetry. 

The first poem about love I shared here was “Curtain of Desire,” which you should give a read if you liked this poem. I write about both the good and bad of love. “Curtain of Desire” probably falls on the good side. For some of the bad, check out “You Ruin Me.” 

Please tell me in the comments what you thought about “In the Quiet”!

tree next to a lake

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