A Chronicle of Creation II

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I’m embarking on a chronicle of creation. 

A year ago, I shelved what was then called As in a Mirror after some agent feedback that confirmed my worst fears. The story was overwrought. One character was completely extraneous. A couple agents said they’d be happy to see a revision if I did one. But to do a revision, I’d have to rewrite the whole story. I gave up and moved onto a new project instead.

Since then, this novel hasn’t let me sleep. So I’m setting off on a quest to rewrite and rework it. Will I succeed? It remains to be seen. Here’s your chance to accompany me from first step to final page. 

This is the second entry in the series.

Writing updates

I’ve been working diligently away for three days, and I’m pleased to report that I’ve passed the thousand-word mark. 

Now, when I’m working on fiction, I’m used to writing between 2,000 and 3,000 words per day, but this just isn’t possible when you’re already writing 3,000 to 4,000 a day in the form of blog posts. I mean, it’s possible, but it would take hours that I don’t have, and there’s a good chance those would be shit words (pardon my French). Plus, I’d be too exhausted the next day to do much of anything. 

But I am slowly working myself up, so hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have settled into a good pace of about 500 words a day. I’m sure I’ll have some days where I’ll be raring to go and write a thousand. But for now, I’d rather be writing slowly than not writing at all. 

The story is starting to heat up. I’m hoping to have the first chapter finished by tomorrow, which is always a big milestone. I find second chapters the most difficult to write in every single book, though, so we’ll have to wait and see how that goes. 


More about the setting!

So, last time I talked about how The Many has a pseudo-Byzantine setting. Specifically, the story begins in the equivalent of Egypt, which I don’t think I have a name for yet, but the city closest to the narrator is called Alesandria (for Alexandria). I’m going to make an effort to come up with a more creative name for that city later on.

The empire, which is called the Cerinthian Empire, is sort of a theocracy, just like the Byzantine Empire was sort of a theocracy but not quite. Alesandria, in my world, exists on the fringe of the empire and is a hotbed for heretical thought. My character actually spends a lot of time at a temple of Dessa (one of the three “good” gods who make up the “divine Triem”), though she lives with her aunt a short ways away in the village of Jappa. Yes, I plundered that name from “Joppa,” because I think Joppa is such an old and cool name.

Oh, and my narrator is a bit of a seer, which I didn’t mention in the first entry in this series. She’s very fun to write, but some of her observations are a bit unsettling because I imagine the reader will think, “How exactly does she know that?”  


Below: Three images to give a bit of atmosphere to the setting I’ve described. I’m not sure if there are actually pyramids in my fictional Egypt, but I’ll be figuring that out.

a boat in the Mediterranean sea
thistle covered in snow
multicolored lanterns

Progress! Hopefully by Saturday, I’ll post the rough draft of the first chapter as the third entry in this series.

Thank you for following along with me and The Many. I very much appreciate having you right by my side to help keep me accountable throughout this process. 

In the comments, please tell me what you think about anything! The working title, the setting, the snippet, your own writing… Anything at all. I’d love to hear your voice. 


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