We Have Nothing: A Short Poem

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We have nothing
left. You are nothing
to me and I am nothing
to you and we are nothing
to each other. 

(once we had everything
and you were everything
to me and I was everything
to you and we were everything
for each other)

Don’t look at me as if
you can change this, as if
you can turn this around, as if
this wasn’t set in stone from the start.

You are nothing
to me and your words
are empty. You can go
now. You are

(I am)

unwanted. Kicked to the curb like
a stray. I’ll go
throw all your crap
out the third story window
if it’ll make you leave,
if it’ll make everything clearer.


a woman sitting alone at a bus stop
a person burning a letter, symbolizing "We have nothing"

Poet’s Notes

I like writing poetry about love because love is an incredibly universal emotion. For this reason, I can rest assured that people will relate to my love poetry. 

The first poem about love I shared here was “Curtain of Desire,” which you should give a read if you liked this poem. I write about both the good and bad of love. “Curtain of Desire” probably falls on the good side. For some more of the bad, check out “You Ruin Me.” 

Please tell me in the comments what you thought of “We Have Nothing”!

raindrops on a window symbolizing sorrow

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