A New Look for Voyage of the Mind, and More

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I’ll keep this short. By now, you’ve probably noticed the obvious — Voyage of the Mind has a new look. I’ve been working on it pretty much nonstop for a day and a half. Jeez, it was hard work. 

On that note, I will have a post about the whole experience coming up tomorrow… as well as all your usual reads. That’s right, it’s back to business as usual. You’ll probably notice the posts both old and new becoming brighter and hopefully more beautiful. 


an eagle with wings spread, landing

The color of the logo has changed. The format of the posts is different. And I have a partner in crime, and I’m making it official — Voyage of the Mind is now a collaboration.

If you’ve been paying attention over the past week or so, you might have noticed that someone named “vanhelsquirrel” has been bringing posts on a variety of topics. That vanhelsquirrel happens to be my partner-in-crime, Dylan Luongo, who as of last week has officially accepted my invitation to join Voyage of the Mind as a collaborator. Our combined effort will bring you more — more posts, more topics, more learning, and more passion. For one, I can put it out there that I never could’ve done the whole website revamping thing without Dylan’s help. 

I’ve also been really happy to start bringing you guest posts — check out this one from Ingrid of Experiments in Fiction (who will be contributing again sometime during the next week or so!) and this one from my mother on the topic of gardening.

In terms of what’s coming up, you can expect more of the same and, of course, more of the different. We love variety here at Voyage of the Mind. We’ll be rounding out Chef’s Table, bringing you more poetry, talking about cetacean intelligence and the documentary Blackfish, and having some pretty cool discussions. 

Right now, I want you to brainstorm what you want to hear from Voyage of the Mind. But I also want you to pop over to our new homepage and check it out. Bonus points if you uncover any functionality issues Dylan and I missed. Because I’m sure there are one or two hiding there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your readership and support. You give us wings — Voyage of the Mind wouldn’t fly without you. 


hot air balloon representing fantasy


Hop aboard!

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