In His Defense: A Poem

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In his defense
you said nothing then
you stayed mum.

Where were you then,
if you cared so much?
Where were you then?

You say you speak out but
where were you then?
Tell me.

Now I have to bear this vengeful
staff and read your hateful words and
help to bear their weight.

In his defense
he’d done this hundreds of times
before he counted on us
to be adults but
he must’ve been wrong,
there were children in that room.

Blathering kids and
blithering idiots who
don’t care to learn.

Sorry, honey.
Sorry, honey. Sorry
I said it straight. Lemme
smooth over your hurt feelings and
help you rectify your mistake.
How are we gonna live when
the world keeps putting up walls?
When people strip their skins
down to their bones? We
have skins for a reason, you know.

Hey, hey, cancel gang,
cancel me. Hey, hey,
soul thieves, steal mine.
Hey, hey, angels,
don’t give in.

Hey, c’mon, listen to me. If
you get canceled, when
you get canceled,
c’mon, don’t sweat it.
You know you’ve made it.
You know you’ve made it.
Say it with me now.

In your defense maybe he
should’ve done it differently.
But in his defense
he couldn’t have known.

You want something now,
say it now. Not five years later.
You need something now,
say it now. Not five years later.
You have a problem,
speak now. Or you’re gonna
dig a hole
dig a hole
dig a hole.

C’mon now,
can you shake hands?
C’mon now,
don’t make me drop
this sword that’s hanging
above your head.

angel representing defense

Notes on the poem

This poem is based on a personal experience, but I’m not going to go into detail. Suffice to say I was angry when I wrote this poem, but I’m a lot less angry now after I got the words out.

I think that people should speak out if and when they feel threatened. But I think it’s wrong to say that you feel fine about something and then return to it years later and act as if you had a big problem with it back then. It’s not genuine. It’s two-faced. And it’s not fair.

This is probably easy for me to say because I’ve always been good at standing up for myself and speaking out against authority when I feel the authority is doing something wrong. I recognize that others may have a harder time doing these things. But in order for us to have a functioning society, I think we need to foster this trait. We need to be rebellious citizens. No, those words are not antithetical.

I’d love for people to have discourse about this poem and about our culture and the current political climate. Again, it came from a place of anger, so I’m not going to guarantee that every single word is rational. But I think it expresses a frustration many people have experienced in their lives.

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an angel representing defense

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