feather on a dock

Harbor lights in your eyes.
You came to this atoll
these planks of wood that
creak and squeak beneath
your feet and shiver
with every footfall,
with every breath.

You lean against a post
and harbor lights blink
against a jet-black backdrop
of sky
broken on by stars.

You, you were a sky
broken only by stars.

And if a comet
streaked across the darkness
of your psyche and lit
your inner night and
made it bright — maybe,
you thought

But maybe is maybe
and someday is someday
and maybe never pans out
and someday never comes
and though you were somebody
to someone now
maybe you are nobody
to no one.

Oh, you, I would’ve
thrown a flare for you. I would’ve
lit up that night sky for you. I would’ve
been your light, had
you called for me.

Now I’ll light
a candle for you.

you sat upon that pier
as still as death and as cold
as snow began to fall. And
peered across the cracking
surface of the waves and
thought about the miles and
decided they were not many and
threw yourself into the dark and
fighting for breath, your hair
wrapped in seaweed green and brown,
choked and

harbor pier in black and white

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