the sunset showing a pass through mountains

If we have to part,
we’ll part. It’s for
the best.

Go your way and
I’ll go mine. I’ll go overland,
through the pass, through
the gap in the snow-capped peaks.

I’ll make it there before you.
I’ll stand upon that bluff and
watch for you and your pack animals
in the setting sun.

I’ll wait. As long as I know you’re
coming, love. I’ll go,
as long as I know
you’ll meet me on the other side.
I’d go anywhere,
as long as I knew
you’d be right behind. I’d go
into the dark. I’d go
anywhere for you. I’d
follow you
to the end of the earth
and to the end of time.

mountains in sunset and clouds
Notes on the poem

In some ways, this poem is a precursor to my poem “In the Garden,” which you should definitely read. Feel free to guess in the comments the underlying story that ties both poems together! I won’t spoil it, but maybe someday I’ll connect all the poems together and the picture will become clearer.

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