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Growth. Baby steps. New life.

We’re coming down towards the end of June, and I thought that this would provide a good standpoint to reflect on Voyage of the Mind and its mission. But first, let me give you a look at what was on the blog this week — and what will be on the blog coming up.

What was on the blog this week?

On Monday, I presented five insights from a kids’ movie, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. The first poem of the week was “Portrait of a Florist.” You can check that one out, then hop over to The Poetry Deck to enjoy more poetry. My best-read poem this week was “The Mapmaker’s Daughter,” although “Curtain of Desire” garnered the most comments.

After that, read my lighthearted taken on a serious topic, written after I found out some people on Facebook think I’m a guy — after reading some of my writing. The comments section is lively on that one! While you’re at it, step even further back in time and make sure to read my objective look at the sexual abuse allegations surrounding Michael Jackson if you haven’t already. It’s much more about the case, and about two documentaries, and about the American justice system, than it is about my standpoint on the matter. You might find it a refreshing alternative to the mainstream media.

If you’re looking to learn something new, why not learn ancient Greek history? Find out about the historical significance of Herodotus, then get a brief introduction to ancient Greek history itself and the time periods scholars divide it into.

Check out This is Not a Sad Story, Episode Five, which is about dreams, nightmares, the great bagel fight of seventh grade, and more.

Learn three things about Twitter. Follow them up with three things about Pinterest.

And — here’s a personal favorite — five reasons to start a garden, a guest post by my mother! I’m not a gardener myself, but she’s a definite green thumb. Take her word on the matter.

For those looking to eat, not garden, check out my guide to the Netflix series Chef’s Table — all installments on my Netflix series page. Then hop over to Good Eats. I released a new recipe this week — a quick and easy version of lamb korma.

Winding down, you should definitely take a look at the cover reveal for my upcoming short story and poetry collection Metamorphosis. Giveaway contest involved…

Check out my upcoming reading list — I bought three indie books that I’ll soon be reading and, hopefully, reviewing.

And, last but not least, read Saturday’s Q&A session. I discuss the why and how of pen names as well as traditional publishing versus self publishing. Don’t miss it!

What’s coming up on the blog?

Ah, my favorite time, when I get to talk about what I have in store for you. The real question is — what’s not coming up on the blog?

First of all, if you read my mother’s guest post like you should and think, “Gee, I could write one of those,” please get in touch. You can write about anything, literally anything. Okay, I might draw the line at a few things, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. The other thing is, even if you’re not the world’s best writer, I am the world’s best editor! (Okay, not quite, though I am the world’s best exaggerator.) I will edit your work — for readability, not for content. (I won’t edit things like short stories and poetry, though, for obvious reasons.) Get in touch. Don’t be shy. Shoot ideas or finished articles over to Either way, include “Voyage of the Mind — query” in the subject line. Or “Query — Voyage of the Mind.” Works either way.

Next month, I hope to start paying a small commission for guest posts that will go up depending on how many you’ve contributed, so get a head start now.

As to what’s coming in the next week — Next weekend, there will be some interruption to regular Voyage of the Mind service (look at it as touching down or refueling) when I switch WordPress themes. That’s right, Voyage of the Mind is getting a face-lift. I will miss my current theme, Dyad 2, very much. However, I just discovered the other day that it’s a theme meant for restaurants. This isn’t the reason I’m changing it, but I thought it was pretty funny. I’ve invested in a much more powerful theme, Divi, that includes a special post and page builder. Hopefully, it will help me create beautiful things for you. If not, we might be jumping back to Dyad 2 before long.

Repairs should take no longer than half of Saturday, and I’ll try to get you your Q&A once they’re complete. I’ll be turning on “maintenance mode” at around 10 AM ET, and will hopefully have it off around 2 PM ET. I will post regular updates on Twitter, if you’re concerned.

All right, finally back to what’s coming up. Later today, I’ll have an article for you about one of the world’s most mysterious ancient civilizations — the Minoan civilization, which existed in Greece before the Greeks. Its fall may lie behind the myth of Atlantis!

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about Jordan Peele’s second film Us and its meaning. On Tuesday, I’ll review the book Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker. Wednesday, This is Not a Sad Story, Episode Six comes out. And on Thursday, I’ll release a narrative essay titled “Notes From One Year on Estrogen,” a response to the essay “Notes From One Year on Testosterone” that was printed in the New York Times. Read that essay. It’s pretty interesting.

This morning, I unarchived a bunch of posts from the Laura Schmidt Books days and made them into drafts, which I’m going to go through this week to see what can be salvaged. I realize there are some people who enjoyed my characterization tips, so I’ll probably re-release those in an improved form.

On Friday, you can meet the last of the six characters starring in The Speed of Love. Check out The Speed of Love, Episode 2 if you haven’t already. I talked a bit about what’s happening on Saturday up a ways, but if you have an idea for Q&A let me know.

How is Voyage of the Mind doing?

a rocket blasting through a cloud, representing Voyage of the Mind
That’s us! We’re shooting into the stratosphere!

Voyage of the Mind is doing great, thanks to you! If you’d like to support even more, share Voyage of the Mind with your friends, family, and Internet acquaintances.

And, if you can, please consider supporting me and Voyage of the Mind on Ko-fi. I’m currently doing most of what I do for almost no money at all, which is possible now but won’t be possible in the future. (My college days are numbered!) My dreams have always been to write and to help lead people towards a brighter future, and I feel I’m doing both on Voyage of the Mind. The day I can declare Voyage of the Mind my job will be a wonderful day! I hope and pray that that day will arrive.

Thank you so much for your readership. That’s the most important thing. Voyage of the Mind is a free service and a free community. I care most that people are reading, enjoying, and benefiting from the articles and other work I publish here. And, thanks to the lovely comments you leave and to the messages I get on Twitter, I know that’s the case! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your ongoing support.

Shoot ideas, comments, concerns, questions, or whatever’s on your mind over to me at

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