Today I have a big reveal for you…

It’s the cover of my upcoming collection of short stories and poetry, titled Metamorphosis. Let me tell you a little about the project first.

Believe it or not, I wrote my first short story just a year ago. Before then, short story writing was an art lost on me. The first short story I ever wrote is titled “Metamorphosis” — that’s right, it’s the namesake of my upcoming collection. Luckily, many more of the stories I wrote have themes relating to metamorphosis, which is a big fancy word for change. Many of them also draw inspiration from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, a really long collection of myths with the theme of metamorphosis.

If you’re a fan of classics or mythology and haven’t read Ovid, I highly recommend the Metamorphoses. They’re beautiful as standalone stories and myths and also beautiful in their historical context — not long after Ovid published them, Augustus (the first Roman emperor — although he never called himself an emperor) exiled him. This is why we know Ovid as the “voice of exile.”

Moreover, reading the Metamorphoses and other words of classical literature can help deepen your own writing. Throw in references and understand mine! None of my stories are reference-heavy, but a couple become slightly more beautiful if you know what the heck I’m talking about when I say a character is like Callisto, for instance.

The collection

I did send “Metamorphosis” (the short story, not the collection) to a couple magazines. None of them wanted it. I could definitely query more, but at this point I’m looking to get some of my work into the world, and I have quite a few short stories and poems that need homes, and a couple more that I want to reprint from the blog. I gave the lineup for Metamorphosis (the collection) in this Q&A session.

Actually, as a sidenote, “Metamorphosis” the short story is the only work of mine I’ve ever had professionally edited! I used the editing service provided by Writer’s Digest, which had decent enough reviews and didn’t cost an exorbitant amount. The reviewer I got was very nice and told me I was a beautiful writer and did give me some actionable feedback. Sorry for the digression. That experience was what gave me the nerve to try querying a couple magazines.

Anyways, the collection is due out in about a month. I posted three possible covers on Twitter to see which people liked the best. Here are the covers and the results.

Three possible covers for Metamorphosis

Results: 5 votes for A, 9 votes for B, 3 votes for C.

This was nice, because B was the cover I liked the best. People said pretty uniformly, though, that they’d like color on the butterfly in cover B. So I decided I’d tinker a little more. I’ve used Canva to create my cover, by the way. You can learn more about Canva on my page about applications I love.

Also, thanks to that Twitter poll, I have five people winning free copies of Metamorphosis. I’m hoping they’ll be darlings and write reviews if they enjoy the stories and poems. I’m also doing research to see if I can offer a “pay what you want” plan for Metamorphosis — since it is my first collection and I’m pretty untested, I’d be happy to offer it to people for free in exchange for some feedback and review. I may just set it up so you can tip me on PayPal if you like my work… but we’ll see.

I change my mind a lot about this sort of thing. The most it’ll cost out of the gate, though, is $0.99, and it might never go up from there. So at the very least (most?) you have to scrape together 99 pennies in a month. Think it’s possible?

The cover

Okay, it’s time for the big reveal. This is the cover I’ve settled on for Metamorphosis.

final Metamorpho

A couple reasons why I like this cover. One, it includes the image the most people liked. Two, the image relates to the title — butterflies are traditional symbols for metamorphosis. Three, I incorporated the feedback from the poll I ran. Four, it gives me a sort of Grecian or classical feel. It almost looks like the kind of image that could have been on a vase from ancient Greece or Rome.

Yes, there are a lot of things I like about this cover! I hope you like it too. If you find it utterly repugnant, please tell me! This is the kind of thing I would rather know BEFORE I publish the collection.

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Here’s where you should tell me you hate my chosen Metamorphosis cover, so I can make changes pronto. Or tell me that you love it. Air your grievances about classical literature and deride me for being a fan of Ovid. Or just talk about what’s on your mind. (Gee, my thoughts must be trending negative today or something.) I want to hear your voice!

Here’s the catch for today. IF YOU COMMENT ON THIS POST, I’ll enter you into a giveaway contest to win a free copy of Metamorphosis. Five lucky souls will win. Since I forgot to put this in the post originally, I’ll also include those of you who liked the post before this notice was posted. May the odds be in your favor!

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